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First impressions count for everything. ARN Global’s branding service is all about crafting a memorable identity which captivates your target audience.

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Brand Strategy Development

We work with senior stakeholders to define a brand strategy, establishing what a business stands for, its purpose and values in simple, compelling terms. We translate this into a differentiating positioning. For businesses dealing with a complex structure or portfolio of products we design a correspondingly clear brand architecture.

Design Concept

ARN Global will create a new graphic identity for the client. In this phase, ARN Global will:

  • Determine appropriate sample applications.
  • Create multiple design concepts for the identity across sample applications.
  • Present concepts to the client.
  • Based on feedback, refine one direction for a follow up presentation.
Interactive & functional
					wireframe mockups & prototypes

Reasons to work with us

Minumum Viable ProductMinumum Viable Product
Full - Cycle DevelopmentFull - Cycle Development
Experienced DevelopersExperienced Developers
Effective CommunicationEffective Communication
Agile MethodologyAgile Methodology
Maintainance & SupportMaintainance & Support

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ARN Global’s branding and creative design services include:


Our Branding Process

Analysis And Research

ARN Global will complete a phase of analysis and research in which we will conduct interviews and review materials to create a basis for work moving forward. In this phase, ARN Global will:


Scope Your Biz Idea

Logo Development

Once a single direction is chosen, ARN Global will move into design development. In this phase, we will:

  • Establish color, typography, and supporting graphic elements.
  • Conduct a review with the client to discuss revisions and feedback.
  • Present final design to the client for approval.
  • Create digital files for the logo in preparation of final production.
Collaborative Communication

Collateral Design

ARN Global will develop designs for representative applications, demonstrating the use of the identity. A final list will be agreed upon with the client. Potential applications include:

  • Stationery: letterhead, envelope, business cards, note pad, ID Cards, folder, CD and CD Jacket
  • Email newsletter template
  • Desktop wallpaper